10% of all Flannel Fly 66 Clothing product sales donated to LGBTQ+ Support

We need and want Flannel Fly 66 Models

We think our fans and friends are the most beautiful models we can find.  We know we don't represent the traditional mold of what society says is beautiful, however we do not care.  We want to see our products being worn by those it helps, and by those that enjoy the products, not by people that buy other products because they think it will make them look like they should.

How our model program works.  Buy whatever products you want to model, take the best quality pictures you can, and send them to us.  When we implement your approved pictures, we will coordinate a marketing program with you so that you help show us off, and we will do the same for you.  When we both meet our obligations, we will offer certain percentages off, up to free future products/sales for free just for you.

The reason we run the program this way is so we can keep costs low and our models authentic.  That is, we do not have to send out a bunch of free products to people and hope to get more than a couple junky selfies back. Likewise, we also do not have to pay a bunch of models that are only wearing our clothes because we pay them.

By authentic, we mean as we said before, we love the way our friends and customers look regardless of physical attributes.  If our products can make your life a little bit better and help bring a smile to your face, that is far more beautiful to us than any "models" we can hire.