10% of all Flannel Fly 66 Clothing product sales donated to LGBTQ+ Support

Contributions from Sales:

A minimum of 10% of all of our sales will go toward a LGBTIAQ Community based organization.  Starting in the Spring of 2017, we have decided to create our own Non-Profit orgization, Flannel Fly 66's Equality Defense and Unification Project (FED-UP).  The Primary goal of FED-UP is to assist community members with issues they need support with that more traditional organizations may not be able to assist with.  A primary example is top surgery expenses.  After the official creation of our registered 501 charitable organization, we have the goal of moving the HRT program from Flannel Fly 66, LLC to FED-UP so we can raise more tax deductible donations for top surgery related expenses.                                                                                     

We are still currently setting aside 10% of our sales toward community needs and requests, as well as setting money aside for the FED-UP organization start-up costs.  Although we know we will reach our goals, any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.  You may make a donation toward the FED-UP program on our site here under the Gift Certificates section of the Shop area.

Past Contributions from Sales:

PFLAG-KC           www.pflagkc.org

Collection Dates: October 01, 2016 to December 31, 2016 sales.

LikeMe Lighthouse in Kansas City.                                                                                                                                      Collection Dates: June 01 to September 30, 2016 sales.                                                                                                           You may check them out at http://www.likemelighthouse.org. We as a company,chose this organization as a tribute to our Kansas City roots, we are from KC and have been blessed by unbelievable support from our friends and family in this area. Between our desire to give back to our home base, as well as the wonderful reputation of LikeMe, it was a no brainer for us.

Have a Gay Day    Dayton, Ohio
Flannel Fly 66, LLC has committed to making a monthly donation to Have a Gay Day.  We love Michael's leadership in the community, as well as his every growing lists of programs the community center is developing and hosting.  You may find out more information on Facebook, or www.haveagayday.org.

B-Cup Project
Flannel Fly 66, LLC has committed to making a monthly donation to the B-Cup Project by way of a gift certificate for their monthly drawing.  We have also committed to assisting them with making their own fundraiser shirts which we host on our site and produce the orders when they come in.  All proceeds in excess of actual costs are sent back to the B-Cup Project, with Flannel Fly 66 receiving no profits or compensation for time, etc...  They are an amazing group of people and we want to do everything we are able for them to be successful.


Flannel Fly 66, LLC also sponsors a Facebook support page and group.  Both titled, LGBTIAQ & Supporters Global Community.  The mission of the LGBTIAQ & Supporters Global Community page is to share community related information. 

Whereas the LGBTIAQ & Supporters Global Community group is an interactive group of community members and their supporters.  The number one goal of the amazing group administrators is to create and maintain a positive and supportive group for all members to feel comfortable enough to share their passions, ask advice, or just to enjoy being amongst friends.  At the time of this post, the number of group members was just shy of 6,000 members, with approximately 100+ new people joining every day.

Hump Removal Team

We have introduced a top surgery fund to be used for our Trans friends and families.  When you, friends, or family make a donation of $30.00 or more to the fund, the donor will receive a free Tee that is only available as part of the top surgery fund.

When you refer someone to our company to donate the funds, there is a section during checkout where they indicate who the funds should be earmarked for.  100% of the profits from this design will be put into the top surgery fund.  When you reach your amount of goal funds, we will pay the funds directly to the Doctor's office.

We are also accepting funds for the general fund.  If you do not have someone specific you would like to assist, but still want to help the cause, the funds will be put into a general fund to be used for a person to be chosen at a later time.