10% of all Flannel Fly 66 Clothing product sales donated to LGBTQ+ Support
  • Feminine Burnside 5210 Long Sleeve Yarn-Dyed Flannel Shirt with Paint Drip Logo


    We will have to reach increments of 12+ shirts to place order with embroidery shop.  Once the order is closed as a group,estimated wait time is approximately two weeks.

    We will plan on closing this order 10-27-19, as long as we have 12+ for a flag.

     Please message our Facebook Page @FlannelFly66 for fastest response. 

    Due to inventory fluctuations, we may contact you for alternative shirt color due to inventory levels.

    We have had several requests for Trans, Bi, and Bear flags, like our hats.  We can do those. Until we reach 12+ per flag, there is a $5.00 per shirt upcharge by

    our embroidery shop.  If we reach 12+ in those additional flags, we will refund the upcharge, since we won't be charged for it.